Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday :)

A few links that I am loving and being inspired by :) What about you? Any fun, inspiring and crafty or recipe-related links you've found? Please share! :)
+Belladrummer- an etsy shop - beautiful handmade goodies and supplies
And Debee's blog - Art as Life. Super inspiring. Love her attention to detail and all that fabulous color! I found her blog and shop awhile back and always smile when I see her new lovelies in her shop :)

+ Loving this new (to me) blog I found - Mod Podge Rocks! and so excited that my Patchwork Paper Covered Jar tutorial was featured on their Facebook page :)

+ This blog I just found yesterday via Mod Podge Rocks - The Tortoise and The Hare. Am loving it. Cannot wait to keep reading through all of their posts. Full of fabulous links and inspiration!+ This tutorial over at and other silly things (found via The Tortoise and The Hare) for this f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. quilt. My goodness I want to get started on this :)+ This tutorial for a Double Duty Dry Erase Board over at Paper n' Stitch- what a great idea! And simple to make :) A perfect way to use up fabric scraps.+ This recipe for S'mores brownies just looks amazing. I mean, who doesn't love a s'more? Or a brownie? And together? Wow! :)
Have a fabulous weekend :)

*All images in this post are from their respective blogs/websites.


  1. Ok, feeling a little overwhelmed. I want to visit all these sites AND do all these crafts but there's just not enough time!

  2. Great finds, as always! Those brownies look divine! :)

  3. I love the doily in the top picture!! The "T" on the wall is very cute too!