Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Faves: Bright and Cheery

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! :) We had a wonderful weekend, catching up on some things, hanging out with friends, church, yummy food, and our refrigerator dying (not so wonderful) :(

Our 14-year-old refrigerator decided to die late Saturday night (it's seeming a little funnier now, not so much at 11:30pm on a Saturday night, lol). I had already gone to bed and my hubby was catching up on schoolwork for his class he is finishing, and when he came to bed, I asked him if he could run down and pull out some chicken from the freezer for Sunday lunch. Two minutes later, he comes running upstairs and said I had to come see the freezer. Half awake, I stumbled downstairs and the back of the freezer (inside) at the bottom was glowing red hot and causing melting ice to drip on it and sizzle. It finally shorted out. Yikes. Sooo, we had to unplug it (and of course, my freezer/fridge was fully stocked after getting some great sales last week). So, my hubby heads out to WalMart at 11:45pm to get some coolers - can we talk about how expensive nice coolers are (we only have one, and it was given to us)? Luckily, I finally got a hold of my little sis and was able to cart most of it to her apartment and stuff it all in her freezer/fridge at 12:15am, lol :) So we didn't end up needing the coolers! Yay! And also luckily, we'll have a new fridge delivered this morning :) Phew :)

So on to some faves - bright and cheery today :) Enjoy! :)

1. Flower Cupcake Toppers- Spring Celebration by millalove
2. Teal Love Pillow by HoneyPieDesign
3. Personalized Stationery Set - Sweetheart Notecards by InkSpotWorkshop
4. Natural Raffia Twine. Lilac from packageinstyle
5. Custom Love Mug - in Spring Green by vesselsandwares
6. Bunches of Grapes Mini Clasp Purse by EmenGeeDesigns
7. Vintage Set of 3 Aqua Canning Jars from southrosewindow
8. Fabric Scrap Flower Pom Pom Garland by tracybdesigns


  1. Oooh sorry to hear about the fridge! :( LOVE the teal mug and the little purse with the buttons. So pretty!

  2. These are fun finds! What a bummer about the refrigerator :( Glad you are getting a new one :)

  3. Super Super Fun Favorites!!! I have one of those aqua canning jars from my granny... I LOVE IT. :)

  4. Oh, all the pretty things you could put in those Ball jars!

    Boo to midnight Wal-Mart run!
    Yay to new fridge!

  5. Sorry to hear about your fridge! I've been thinking about getting a new fridge but have been procrastinating :)

    What a great curation you have here! Thank you so much for including package in style in your collection!