Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Faves: Picnic

A picnic-ey theme for some faves today. We love packing up a picnic and heading to the park - so much fun. :)

Do you like to picnic? What type of food do you like to take along on a picnic?

1. Vintage Picnic Set in a Ball from winkinpossum
2. Vintage Picnic Flash Cards by elles
3. Picnic Basket by BasketAesthetics
4. Vintage Flower Power Sour Cream Glasses from winkinpossum
5. Upcycled Vintage Picnic Blanket from SewnNatural
6. Sweet Meadow no.1 by soradesigns
7. Patchwork Handbag by hoganfe
8. Picnics and Tailgate Parties Cookbook from BeggarsPouch
9. Lunch Time Napkins by ASboutique


  1. I would love to go for a picnic.. but it hasnt stopped raining here since end of may!! And i found the most adorable picnic baskets in my mums attic! Heartbroken I cant use them yet!

  2. such perfect picnic picks! thanks so much for including SewnNatural!

  3. i haven't gone on a picnic in a few years! my kids and i would pack up a basket and go out in our back yard (we have 7 acres) under some trees and eat lunch.
    we should do that before they go back to school... i'll have to wait for a cooler day though - it has been sooooooo humid and hot!
    thanks for sharing the pretty picnic goodies! xo

  4. Our favourite picnic food: a fresh french stick with some Boursin or other spreadable French cheese, fruit, maybe a hard boiled egg or two.. and that's us done for the day.

    Oh, and I always bring my art journal. ;)