Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas: For the Paper Lover

I will be doing different gift guides every couple days for the next little bit - which may mean more than one post in a day (woo hoo! excited?!) :)

As you all know, I am (majorly) slightly obsessed with paper. New paper, old paper, vintage paper, found paper, used paper, patterned paper, office paper, wrapping paper, packaging paper, paper paper, paper. Love ALL of these finds. Love.

1. DIY Collage Kit by relove (what a yummy looking bag of paper!)
2. Miniature Folders by donovanbeeson (I've shared these before, just had to share them again. They are lovely!)
3. Recycle Bin Book by erinzam (love these little books)
4. Paper Lovers Stationery by MiniatureRhino (Is this a brilliant idea or what!!?)
5. 2 Map Mini Notebooks Made with Found Paper by Marmalime (maps and found paper, what could be better?)

6. 4 in Found Paper Squares from gleancreativereuse (I've shared these also, these are on my Christmas list! :))
7. Paper Pack from janicewallace (love all the office-looking papers)
8. Scrap Pack: New and Vintage Papers from saturdayAMvintage (love her collections of paper)
9. Glassine Bags Set of 50 from sugarbsupplies (I can think of so many uses for these cuties)


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