Friday, January 28, 2011

On Antiquing.

On my way back from an appointment yesterday, I stopped in one of my fave antique shops - I've been wanting to take pictures of the unique shop for quite some time. Suzanna's Antiques - this shop is always full of wonderful treasures - and gorgeous displays. I absolutely love perusing through antique shops with my hubby - it's always fun to find new treasures - ones that have a story to tell from long ago!

It's amazing to me how styles, patterns, design and such change so much over time. It's neat to see a glimpse into history and how things used to be. You never know what you'll find - I (of course) am always on the lookout for paper ephemera and vintage fabric, and this shop has a lot of that - from vintage bingo cards to plastic letters and postcards, to beautiful tea towels and other fabric finds. And as you'll see, a lot more than that :)

Their website has a fabulous quote about their treasures: "Long loved, faded and frayed. Peeling paint and scuffed wood included." Love this.
(Photo of Vintage Pin Bouquet by Dara Blakeley)


  1. Pure heaven!!!! I have a shop a lot like that not far from me and when I need to escape that is where I seem to gravitate. I need a room just like that!!! Beautiful photos and what a great way to spend an afternoon :)

  2. Sue, one of the owners, is a friend of the family. She and Derek's mom grew up together. Did you get to meet her? She is truly an amazing woman with an amazing story!!! May I pass along that you posted this? She would just be so thrilled.


  3. ohhhh, those buttons! I love!

  4. Wonderful displays, worth lingering over.

  5. I can tell by just looking at your pics that I would lose myself for hours in there.

  6. Ohhhh my!!! What a lovely shop and the ribbons and buttons!!