Monday, March 14, 2011

Planting Seeds

We had gorgeous weather this weekend. Am so ready for spring! unfortunately, all 4 of us (yes baby too :( not good) were sick with cold type symptoms. Bah. Saturday we all laid around in our pj's and watched movies on Netflix, had carryout for dinner and just laid low. Sunday we missed church, so as not to share our germs, but were able to get outside in the afternoon and enjoy the warm weather. We finally planted our seeds and I am super excited to see the first sprout come up. I had saved a bunch of cans to plant seeds in as well as purchased a Jiffy tray (which you can find at any garden center, hardware store, or online).
We planted all sorts of vegetables (after doing some research to see what would grow well in our climate and what would be least likely for me to kill - I'm not particularly green-thumb-ed) including carrots, lettuce, onions, snap peas, and herbs, as well as some flowers - zinnias and marigolds. I've heard it's pretty easy to grow marigolds. And did you know radishes only take 26 days to mature into ready-to-eat yummy-ness?!

I planted some roma tomatoes, but have read it is probably better (easier?) to just buy actual tomato plants (and green pepper plants) once the weather gets warmer.
So now we wait. Watch the cute little cans and jiffy tablets and wait. Once the seeds sprout and grow, we will transplant them to bigger containers and put them outside (when the warm weather is here to stay). For now, they will sit on top of the fridge where it is warm and have a "plant growing light" on them... which I still need to purchase ;).


  1. Good work- I think I will start sowing up some seeds this week too. Can't wait to see yours grow up x

  2. Looks fun! We planted some seeds at the weekend too, but just flowers to grow on the kitchen window sill. I keep peering in to see if any life has sprouted, I'm so impatient! Hope you are all feeling better soon x

  3. We are planting seeds this season too. Here's to hoping they grow :P

  4. This is so great! I am all about growing your own veggies. =)