Monday, May 30, 2011

Random Catch Up Post

Happy Monday! And Happy Memorial Day to those in the U.S. A random catch up post today. Lots going on around here. My hubby finished up the super crazy semester (yay!). My sweet youngest son seems to be through the colic, pretty much 3 months to the day and it was like day and night-he's much happier and more smiley now. Thankful :)

Still planning and documenting in my Idea Journal. Am loving the pictures some of you have uploaded on flickr. If you would like to share a picture of yours, please go here.
My sweet blog-land friend Katie of Gadanke sent me this super cute {The Little Things} - Listing Thankful Thoughts Journal. Thank you Katie!! :) It is absolutely adorable and I am working on filling it up. It is great to write down all that I am thankful for, and to be prompted to remember/realize things I am thankful for that I hadn't even thought about. More on that later.
I found this recipe for Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread on pinterest and am a fan. A huge fan. And so is my hubby. And so is my Jimmy. Like, it might be a problem - this bread is that good. I ran out of eggs and couldn't make any more yesterday (although you can probably count on me getting more eggs at the grocery today... and making another loaf... or two or three).
Have been planning and rummaging around in my blog - working on labels for posts at the moment. Part of one of my 2011 Goals for my blog and shop.
So about those seeds we planted. Yeeaaaah. Not so much. We ended up buying tomato plants from a local nursery, as well as a jalapeno plant, green bell pepper plants, and herbs - basil, parsley and chives. We (my hubby) made one huge planter box and we filled it with potting soil (no weeds or red clay dirt to contend with). The plants are thriving. I am proud to say that we have 3 super cute tomatoes growing so far. I cannot even describe the pure joy of watching these grow!
And the herbs. They are out of control. I'm having to cut and pinch them back almost daily. Love being able to step out on the back porch and pick out fresh herbs to use for meals.
As far as running goes. Running today. Took a brief (but too long) break after having a massive neck problem from sleeping on it wrong ;) Was way out of commission for almost a week. Could.not.function. Still having trouble with it (3 weeks later?!) but am thankful that I can move.

Working on a few tutorials (I know, it's been way too long), and will be sharing those soon. I will be sharing some more from my idea journal tomorrow. Have a fabulous day!

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  1. Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration (gardening and idea book wise) It's all such gorgeousness!