Tuesday, June 28, 2011

25 More Random Things.

I loved doing the 25 Random Things post the other day. So here are 25 more :)

1. I love ice water. I don't like "plain" water - it has to have ice in it. I always put 3-4 cubes in my glass and then top it off with crushed ice. The cubes don't melt as fast (thus keeping ice in the water longer), but the crushed ice on top keeps the cubes from splashing into my face.

2. I love Sonic's Strawberry Limeade. The people that work there know it's us when we come through the drive thru- we always order and split a "Route 44 Strawberry Limeade with no ice".

3. I am horrible at giving cards with gifts. I love to give gifts, somehow I just manage to never get a card to go with it.

4. I used to have a napkin collection when I was a kid. True story. I collected napkins from restaurants, my friend's houses, our house (every time my mom brought home a new bag of napkins, I'd take one). I think I had almost 100 different napkins in my collection. Wow :)

5. I don't like to stay up late.

6. Or get up super early.

7. My fave shampoo is Biolage. That stuff is amazing. Now if only the price would drop about $15 ;)

8. At parties/bridal or baby showers for friends, I always fold up the used tissue paper. If the guest of honor doesn't want it, I ask if I can have it. Yes, I'm that person. The one who keeps and reuses tissue paper.

9. My sophomore year in college, my roommate, suite mate, hall mate and I left at 10pm on a Friday night to go to Virginia Beach (4 hours away). We got there at 2am with no place to stay and thankfully ended up finding a place. I don't think we took any luggage or anything. We just hopped in the car and left (I drove). It was crazy and silly, and about the only time I can think of that I've ever done something like that.

10. My fave flower is a hydrangea.

11. I pretty much always wear my hair up in a messy bun.

12. In the summer, I love to wear capris and skirts.

13. In the winter I love to wear comfy slippers. My sweet hubby always buys me a new cute pair each Christmas.

14. My wedding anniversary is December 20. I LOVED getting married right before Christmas. We went to Jamaica on our honeymoon and came home in time for Christmas. It was fabulous!

15. I love the game "The Settlers of Catan."

16. And Bananagrams.

17. I love to sit in silence after my sweet babies are in bed. I love to hear the clock ticking. It's a great time to relax, pray, chat with my hubby and think about the day each evening.

18. I am kind of a neat freak. I like to have everything mostly neat and tidy. But I have my places where stuff is all crammed and a mess- like, my purse. Or the kitchen junk drawer. Or the drawer in my desk.

19. I have to have my home semi-clean and picked up before we leave for a trip. It's always great to come home to a clean and tidy house.

20. I love to take walks with my sweet little family.

21. I have to sleep on the side of the bed furthest from the door to the room.

22. I love clocks. I have 6 in the room I am sitting in - the family room. People always comment on how many clocks we have :)

23. None of them are set to the right time. They all need new batteries or repairing ;)

24. My new fave thing is washi tape. You can use that stuff for anything - wrapping a gift, adding fun to an envelope that's getting mailed, decorating an art journal page.

25. We have a tissue holder in the family room. If it runs out of tissues, I will sometimes fold up TP and fluff it out the top so it doesn't look all lonely and empty. Weird, I know. :)


  1. We've had a clock in our kitchen that we took the batteries out of because it actually kept us up at night. We set it to 5 O'clock... it's always 5 O'clock at the Danner's!

  2. These 25 things posts make me smile so much (and miss you so much.) I love it. (and you!)

  3. I love the 25 random things. Are these going to be a reuglar post?!