Friday, June 10, 2011

Inspired by: Laura Tarrish | Bridgetown Papers

I recently came across a fabulous artist on pinterest - Laura Tarrish. I found my way to her website, portfolio, and online shop and immediately loved her gorgeous work. She is a graphic designer and collage artist, and uses tons of vintage ephemera throughout her designs (!!). She has had tons of clients, including TheBoston Globe, Apple Computer, Chronicle Books and the U.S. Department of Energy. Wow! Laura has had careers as a graphic designer and illustrator and has recently added design blog contributor to her resume, contributing to Design Observer and Felt&Wire. An avid collector of various kinds of ephemera, Laura admits to having a studio which is always disorganized and messy but rich with possibilities!

I am completely inspired by her work :) So for today, a glimpse into her studio/workspace and her gorgeous work - She graciously sent me some of her beautiful images to share with you :) Her glassine cards are one of my faves - she talks about these adorable cards in her shop: "I’ve been a collector as long as I can remember… and for many years, I’ve created tiny collages in glassine envelopes with pieces of type, old (and made up) fortunes, stamps, bits of maps, ticket stubs etc. Once made only for friends, I am now offering these cards for your special occasions! Each card has various floating elements and each one can be customized with with 1 or 2 letters of your choice. Each card is UNIQUE!"

She also creates these gorgeous personalized collages to commemorate an event, person, family or trip.
Personalized notecards
A glimpse into her studio:
Aren't you completely inspired?! :) Facebook: Bridgetown Papers | Portfolio: Laura Tarrish and Bridgetown Papers | Online Shop: Bridgetown Papers

All images from Laura Tarrish.


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