Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week in the Life :: Wednesday

Today was not my best day with keeping up with pictures. Such a crazy busy day that I only captured a few things here and there. Ok though, some days are busier than others, so I guess the lack of pictures captures that. I was able to jot down some thoughts and funny events throughout the day. Thankful for those. Like how my tomato pile on my windowsill is quickly growing. Must get to canning. Soon.
Up at 7am this morning. Made a big breakfast, complete with pancakes, eggs and sausage. Made magic cookie bars for small group this evening. Threw together a grocery list. Went to the grocery- always interesting taking both babies ;) Had lunch. Rest/nap time for the babies. Started dinner during rest time including bread in the bread maker, potato soup on the stove, homemade chicken nuggets and caesar salad. Had some fun time playing with Jimmy throughout all of this after his rest time while Joshua was still asleep. Had some dear friends for dinner. Had more dear friends over for small group Bible study after that. Put Joshua to bed. Small group. Hang out time. Put Jimmy to bed. Catch up chat with my hubby. Off to bed soon. Another great day.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day. I am salivating thinking of the smell of fresh baked bread! ~Val

  2. I have those same dishes!!! Love them.