Wednesday, October 5, 2011

around here.

Around here. My hubby got back safe and sound from the Ukraine yesterday morning. Thankful to have him home. He had an amazing time. Difficult traveling with airports, connecting flights and such, but an amazing time with the people there. Am loving hearing his stories and seeing pictures from his trip. Am hoping to be able to go back with him at some point. 
My sweet little loves. These two are such a joy. And our miniature schnauzer, Biz, is hilarious. They (all 3) love to get into my paper scraps. Both Biz and Joshua like to eat paper. Haha :)
We have a crawler! Joshua started crawling yesterday afternoon. Now he won't stop. He's growing way too fast. Both he and Jimmy are. I love it and and don't love it all at the same time. :)
Lots of orders going out from the shop right now. Keeping me busy. So much so that I haven't finished my first month of my autumn journal. Hoping to do that soon :)
This is what my workspace looked like the other night. I seriously don't know how it comes to this. I am somewhat of a neatfreak, but this picture would make you think otherwise ;) I (usually) clean it up as soon as I finish whatever I'm working on. Or whenever we have people coming over. ;)
Starting to cut paper and put together Holiday Journals. So excited to have pretty much all of the pieces (still need a few embellishments!). So excited about how they are coming together. So excited to share them in the next several weeks.
Adjusting to fall pretty much being here. Adjusting to the cold nights, chilly morning, but hot afternoons. The awkward in-between-season season. The heat on at night (my babies get cold!), but windows open during the day.
Blog redesign is on the back burner for now. Mostly complete on my test blog, just not having time to load it here. At some point in the future. :)


  1. Haha, my desk looks just like yours!!!

  2. hi there, ohhh my desk has looked like that too, trust me! Love your photos!