Wednesday, April 18, 2012

around here

around here. + it is finally strawberry season (!!). i love that we have a local strawberry patch 10 minutes from our house. so easy to run over there and pick fresh strawberries every couple days. + am really wanting to make this cute "market tote" i found in my 1, 2, 3 Sew book. + i just ordered and received a bunch of vintage playing cards. so fun to look through all of the different pictures on the cards. will be putting these in paper scrap packs and using as little "extras" in my etsy shop packaging. + starting to collect little pink clothes :) + i bought this paper a couple weeks ago and have decided to work them into some more art journals at some point (hopefully soon). + mostly finished planting seeds. we chose to direct-sow them all (instead of starting indoors several weeks ago), we'll see how it goes :) still have a couple more different seeds to plant and will do that in the next several days. + we planted sugar snap peas a couple weeks ago (apparently they are to be planted early while it's still cool). hoping it's not too hot for them since we had such an unexpectedly short winter and very warm start to spring. love going out to look at them (they're about 4"- 5" tall!) and water them each day. i hope the other seeds do as well as these! + herbs and newly planted seeds. i tried planting basil seeds a couple weeks ago and they didn't take (i think we have a bug in the soil that ate them. thankfully, the plants are doing well in a container on my porch). i had already bought some basil (I couldn't wait!), but went ahead and bought some more, in addition to some other herbs. so excited growing season is here. praying we have a good crop this year :)


  1. awe look at that blonde head near the strawberries! :)

  2. Strawberries? How exciting! I tried to grow them once, but it was an epic failure. We currently have basil growing on the fire escape, but that's about the extent of our skills! I hope everything turns out well!