Friday, June 1, 2012

friday afternoon.

a random little afternoon post this lovely first-day-of-june friday :)

+ i'm so excited about how excited ya'll are about the a card a day challenge this month! woo hoo! i just finished my first card :) Yesterday, Sarabeth left a comment on the post:

"love this idea and i'm soooooo joining in on the fun!!!!! do you have an instagram hash for this?"

so i'm embarrassed to admit I had no idea what an instagram hash was, lol. i know what instagram is, but had no idea what an "instagram hash" was. i know, i'm behind on the times ;) i had to ask my hubby to explain it to me (who just got back from haiti late wednesday night! yay!). at this time, i don't have a smartphone and thus, cannot do instagram ;) although, if someone wants to make a hash for it, please let me know and I will post it here! :) i will be posting mine in this group on flickr (please post yours there too! :)) and also have a pinterest board here.
+ will be posting the last couple days of my photo-a-day pics soon. was going to do it yesterday, and it just did not get done... soon. :)

+ thank you for the ink cartridge ideas on my "right now" post last friday. i am looking into those and will be trying to decide what would work best for my printer, etc. thank you! :)

+ and thank you for the scissor suggestions for cutting all my fabric for the quilt :) i know getting a better set of scissors will expedite the process of cutting. a lot. :)

+ have a fabulous weekend! happy june :)


  1. I loved your Card-a-Day idea and I started my own as well (but a little different)!! I will try to post mine in your flicker group! Thanks for the great idea!