Thursday, September 13, 2012

DIY: Stenciled Creative Bits Jar

I've had this super fun glass canister for quite some time and it's sat all empty above my kitchen cabinets - mainly because I had no idea how I wanted to use it. 

Well, I recently had the opportunity to try out a bunch of wonderful goodies from the new and fabulous line of Martha Stewart glass painting products from Plaid. So excited that these are now available at Michael's craft store.
I decided to spruce up my plain old glass canister with some of these fun glass paints and stencils. Quick and fairly easy, this was a fun nap-time project to complete. All you need is:
+ an old (or new!) glass canister
+ Martha Stewart Crafts glass paints - I used transparent and opaque paints
+ Martha Stewart Crafts Bold Sans Letter Adhesive Stencils
+ Martha Stewart Crafts Paint Dauber
I started out by simply placing the adhesive stencils on one side of the canister (I used a larger size on two sides, and a smaller size on one of the other sides). These peel off of the sheet and stick right onto the glass surface. And they are easily re-positionable if you make a mistake ;)
Squeeze a little bit of desired paint onto each stencil, taking care not to get it on the glass (if you do, it's ok, it cleans off fairly easily). Using the paint dauber, gently dabble the paint to fully cover the stencil area.
Before the paint dries, gently peel off the stencils. I repositioned the "e" to finish off the word "create".
I also used smaller stencils and white opaque paint to put "create" vertically on one side. I then cleaned all of the stencils - super easy, just run them under warm water and clean off the paint. Let dry. Then reapply them to the plastic sheet and store until next time :)
I love how the jar turned out. I especially liked the white opaque paint and think I might add the larger stencils in white on the remaining side.

I had a bunch of bits and pieces that didn't really have a home, so I put them in the jar :)  It's fun to see them displayed all together in the jar - colorful and fun.
Interested in learning more about Plaid and all of their great products? Find them here:
*Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Martha Stewart Glass Paints and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.


  1. thanks for posting this... I am gonna hv to try these products! we are moving by the sea in FL next month.. and I wanna do something with glass jars in our kitchen/pantry and in my studio space.. thanks for sharing! It does look easy! xo bonitarose

  2. this is really cute!! thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Great idea! I too have a lot of creative bits laying around - I could use one of these jars!

  4. I have TONS of creative bits hanging around, this is a great idea for them!

  5. How fun! I bet the jar is really inspiring to open and poke through!