Wednesday, September 12, 2012

where I've been... take 2.

Seriously. I was suddenly very sick and admitted to the hospital late last week and on into the weekend with some incredibly crazy health issues. Including a "fever of unknown origin" that spiked and stayed at 103 degrees F for over three days. After running a gamut of tests, it was determined I had pneumonia (!??!!). 

I rarely get sick. Seriously. Like maybe once or twice a year. Maybe.

A doctor from my practice (who just delivered my sweet baby 4 weeks ago) came each day to check in, and with the way the practice works, I pretty much got to see each doctor during the duration of my stay. Each were like "Weren't you just here?"... "Yes, I like to hang out at the hospital" I would tell them ;) 
So after a ton of incredibly high-powered antibiotics, pain killers, lots of motrin and tylenol, I was doing a lot better. I don't like to take medicine unless absolutely necessary. I don't know why, I just don't. I kept telling my hubby "My poor body is so full of 'stuff' right now!" But it all helped. Praise the Lord!

We were blessed that both sets of our parents were able to take turns and take care of all three of our babies while we were gone. And (once again) we were thankful for a fabulous team of nurses who made the whole thing a lot easier. Like when I was crying (for the 5,367th time) about missing being at home with my babies - It was my hubby's 30th birthday Sunday and my sweet 5 year old made him a card. And, well, I just wanted to be at home celebrating. My sweet nurse Becky pulled up a chair by my bedside and we talked, she made me laugh, and we looked at pictures of our babies on our phones :) (my hubby had run home for a bit - he'd go home each day to be with our babies for awhile).

So yes. It was a rough (and scary) several days. I am thankfully home and doing very well and am resting, but am able to be in public (and not be a health hazard ;)), and am able to fully interact with our children. I was once again reminded that God is in control. And that I have a lot to be thankful for. Like my three sweet children who are healthy and thriving. And my amazing husband who is always there with and for me. And my wonderful parents and in-laws. And our wonderful community of friends. Grateful for how God teaches and grows me, even through difficult times.


  1. It´s good to know that you are feeling better and that you are at home again. Take care of yourself and appreciate life at home with your family!

  2. Keep on caring yourself! Lots of sun energy from Madrid! It helps to get better!

  3. Glad to hear you are better!!!! Praying for you! Love you friend!

  4. Wow... how scary, I am so glad your ok. Hope your back to normal soon!

  5. oh, my! i'm sorry to hear you've been so poorly and happy to know you're back home. take care now and get better soon!

  6. just now seeing this. so thankful you are better and back home and creating once again. hug on those babies and enjoy your Sunday - given by the Lord for us to enjoy.