Wednesday, December 19, 2012

no words.

For the past several days, it's been quiet here on the blog. And on FB. I've been answering emails and posting a few random Instagrams. I'm still (like most everyone) very much at a loss for words over last week's tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut. 
I've been praying. A lot. Praying for the families and those affected by this. And hugging my precious little ones extra tight. Savoring each moment. Truly savoring even the difficulties this past week has brought, having three sick little ones at the same time. Savoring being up for several hours each night tending to these little ones. Knowing that these little ones are a gift from God, and being grateful that I can care for them.

Hug your loved ones extra tight. Love on and be kind to complete strangers you encounter during your day.

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