Monday, February 11, 2013

a happy birthday to my sweet joshua.

Two years ago today, I was very pregnant and went in to the doctor for a routine non-stress test (I was having blood pressure issues). The NST looked great - baby looked great, and I was only a little over a week away from my due date. But my blood pressure was still really high. I was already scheduled for an induction for the following week. My doctor came in to talk with me and really felt like we should go ahead and induce (and I am not one to speed things along, but after talking with her, agreed). Completely caught off guard, I called my hubby (who was driving around in the parking lot with our then 3 year old waiting for me) and told him they were getting ready to wheel me over to the hospital next door (!?!!). Our hospital is in Raleigh, a 1/2 hour from our home. Thankful that my God has a plan, my in-laws were on the way into town from Virginia and met us at the hospital and took Jimmy back to our home. My hospital bag was already in the car thanks to my awesome hubby. 9 or so hours later, and a relatively "easy" labor and delivery, our sweet Joshua was born. Happy, healthy, and big :) 9 lbs and 3 oz. to be exact ;)

Happy Birthday my precious boy. I love you so much my little buddy. My little buddy who loves his "brohdee" (brother) and "behbee" (baby) so, so much. Who loves to snuggle, but also loves to roughhouse. Who loves food and will eat just about anything I serve. Who loves kitchen utenstils, cars, trucks, playing with shoes, putting on his backpack like his older brother, and loves handing guests their keys and phones when they visit. What a blessing and gift from the Lord. Happy Birthday my Joshua :)