Wednesday, February 6, 2013


A couple weeks ago I finally decided that my word for this year is make. I went back and forth for awhile, trying to decide whether make or plan related more to my thoughts and ideas and goals for 2013.
I made a list for each with ideas and concepts about the two words. Make had stuck out to me a lot and finally, I just decided that was the word. 
Making is part of who I am (a part of who we all are!) - I especially like to make things with (no surprise ;)) paper. Food. Fabric. And part of my goals for this year include making some different things. But more than just those tangible things, I want to focus on making goals. Making a plan for my blog and shop. Making meal plans. Making time. Making do. Making choices.
I felt like this word encompassed both the creative side of me and the more practical side of life that I want to better employ this year (and always!).

So, I started to make a few little things to explore using the word on paper and to go in my One Little Word binder. I am loving it. I love thinking about new ways to create with the word on paper. I love having it at the forefront of my mind thus far, and trying to be more self-disciplined with the practical side of life. Welcome, make. So excited for this year :)


  1. Buena elección!.A veces planeamos mucho y no hacemos nada, así es que prefiero la palabra hacer, lo que significa concretar más.Un abrazo grande.