Tuesday, February 5, 2013

hello, february. let's make a plan.

After an impromptu couple week hiatus, I have returned :) As many of you know and can relate, life is busy :) But I have missed this space and being here (If you keep up with my instagram and facebook, you can usually find me there, even when I'm not here blogging everyday :)). I have been mulling over several projects and ideas, as well as finishing up some custom book orders and these two journals.

I am excitedly working through Ali Edwards' One Little Word class and will share the start of that here soon. After much debate in my mind, I decided to focus on the word "make" for this year. January flew by. The post-holiday season, gather myself together, get back into a routine month. So February, let's make a plan. Let's plan out the next couple days. The next couple weeks. The next couple months. A plan of small and big goals for the blog and shop, a plan of small and big goals for our family, and a plan of small and big goals for me personally. Let's go :)

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  1. :) Well back from your hiatus. I hope you feel refreshed! :)