The Creative Place features the art and craft of me, Ashley Connelly: graphic designer, crafter, and consignment shop shopper. I am a lover of paper, fabric and anything vintage.

This blog is a creative outlet to share about things I'm making, recipes I'm trying and fun ideas, projects, or products I've found online.

A lot of my items and projects are created from re-purposed materials such as vintage sheets, second-hand clothing and books or notebooks that are no longer readable or usable. I believe this adds character and an even more unique feel! And not to mention, it's recycling :)

When I'm not playing with my sweet, active, and adorable 6 and 2 year old sons and beautiful 11 month old girl, cooking, hanging out with my amazing hubby and kids, or cleaning, you can find me in my craft studio; most likely rummaging through my paper or fabric stash and creating new goodies.