1. What kind of camera do you use?  I use two different cameras - a Canon Digital Rebel xTi and a Canon PowerShot SD 1300 IS. Love both of these cameras. I mainly use the Rebel for blog pictures, but occasionally use the PowerShot.

2. What kind of computer do you use?  I use a MacBook Pro. Love it.

3. Can I use your photos or link to your blog? Yes, you can use my photos, but please link back and give my blog credit. Yes, you can link to my blog. Thanks! :)

4. Do you do link exchanges? I do not. I only link if I am giving credit or sharing a cool idea or product I've found.

5. I'd love to give you a blog award. Thank you! It is always super flattering when a fellow blogger offers me an award. However, I do not post (or pass on) these awards. I'm super honored, and I do care about these, but I want the focus of my blog to remain on arts, crafts, inspiration and cool ideas and products I have found.

6. Do you offer sponsor (advertising) spots? Yes! I just started accepting sponsors. Go here to see more information. Please feel free to email me if you have questions or are interested in becoming a sponsor: thecreativeplace at gmail dot com.

7. Can I submit a post to be posted on your blog? At this time, I have not done a whole lot of accepting submissions other than when I have a "Call for Submissions." But if you have an article/post you would like to be considered for The Creative Place, by all means, please email me (thecreativeplace at gmail dot com). There are no guarantees on if it will be accepted and posted. Posts should of course be in line with the feel of The Creative Place.

8. Will you donate an item from your shop for a giveaway for a good cause? At this time, I do not do any donations.

9. Where do you find all of your supplies? Paper: I am always on the lookout for interesting papers, whether it be vintage and "found" type papers or new. I frequent thrift stores, consignment shops, yard sales and my parent's attic. Fabric: I purchase a lot of my fabric via etsy.com as well as a small local quilting shop. Other materials: Most of my materials are repurposed, used items (jars, frames, etc). I find a lot at thrift stores, consignment shops, yard sales. I also go to Michael's and ACMoore for other items such as adhesive, new scrapbooking papers, etc. I always use "40% off one item" coupons and try to only buy one item at a time. I buy binder rings for mini albums/art journals in bulk here.

10. I'm on a budget. How can I be creative with little to no $ spent? You don't have to go out and buy a ton of materials to have a creative outlet. I'm all about using what I have around the house or can acquire very inexpensively. Repurposing is key. Using old magazines as journal pages, cutting up security envelopes (have you ever noticed how many different patterns and colors there are for security envelopes that come to your mailbox?). Using plain white printer paper and decorating with colored pencils/markers. Cutting up old clothes for the fabric. Buying cool-patterned articles of clothing from a thrift shop to cut up. Taking the buttons off of said clothing to use on journal pages or other projects. The idea is to look past an item's intended use and think about how you could repurpose it to fit your needs of what you want to create.

11. I'm not a "creative" person, but I want to be. How should I do that? I believe that everyone has a creative side. Start simple. Make a list of ideas about things you would like to create. Create pinboards for inspiration (online or on your walls)- fill them up with pictures from magazines or pictures you have printed from the internet. Then, just go for it. It doesn't have to be perfect. If you are creating and enjoying it, that makes it perfect! Don't get hung up on "mistakes" - realize that that's part of the creative process!

12. What are some of your fave crafting tools? I have to have my Fiskars Cutting mat, a metal ruler and a Fiskars rotary cutter. This is how I cut almost everything. I also love these Fiskars scissors. I also use a Crop-a-dile. And of course, my sewing machine.

13. What are some of your fave crafting supplies? Vintage papers- ledger, dictionary, maps. School writing paper (like the kind you use in elementary school), transparencies, shipping tags, corrugated cardboard, kraft paper, a scalloped edge 1" paper punch, a 1.5" round paper punch, dennison-type labels or tags, baker's twine, doilies.

14. I'm a full time stay at home mom with little ones. How do I find time (or energy) to be creative? With little ones, it can be very hard to find time to be creative. I completely understand, because of course, my husband, children and my home take precedence. Most of my creative time is in the evenings after my children have gone to bed. Some nights I really just need to spend time with my hubby, or sit and stare at the wall in silence. Other nights, I have household chores that need to be attended to that I wasn't able to during the day. But there are other nights where I devote to rolling up my sleeves and working in my studio area, or sitting on the couch and brainstorming/jotting down ideas. On nights when I'm not in my studio, I at least try to jot down ideas (I also do this throughout the day) in my idea journal. This way, when I think of an idea that I want to explore later, it's right there in my journal. This also helps keep my creative muscles stretched.

15. How you find time to blog with having little ones? Per my answer to #14 above, I do my blogging at night. I create and develop projects and ideas at night and then photograph them during the day during my children's naptime and then write the blog posts at night. I am very fortunate to also have some hired help come in each week for a couple hours while I work on housework, my etsy shop, and my blog.