Monday, May 18, 2009

My Monday Morning

This has been my morning today- camped out in front of my computer trying to get some HUGE files saved and uploaded for print (3 banners and a postcard- my hubby has a booth for his business, Connelly Audio at an upcoming conference, trying to get this all printed before then...also trying to get pages done for his website to send to his friend that knows how to get them on the web- sadly I didn't take Web Design in college and know NOTHING about web design...) My computer keeps saying it's "Critically Low" on disk space (I'm on a PC... I know, I know. *COthat'stheproblemUGH*). I keep deleting stuff, moving it to the D drive, looking up ideas on the internet that I can do to make it better. My computer has done me well-- I've had it for 6 years and done all my undergrad design work and freelance work on it. A new Mac is now on the table for discussion. :) We'll have to see.

Five Faves coming later today!


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