Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On my desk and craft table (and craft cabinet!)...

Once again, lots of things going on in my little corner. I've been working on getting some designs together for thecreativepaperie.etsy.com, as well as a few projects that seem as though they will never get finished (the journals I was talking about several days ago, among other things). I think sometimes I need more "finishiative" ;) (Fabulous word thanks to the Kiracofes in VA).

Ah well, here's a peek into what's going on in my corner :)
Thinking of You Notecards - Set of 8

I also listed some baby shower invitations that I designed for a dear friend's baby shower a couple years ago.

Also been working on these fun little things- journaling spots (nope, not the ones I was talking about yesterday, still haven't started on those ;)). My apologies for the horrendous pics - it was late at night when I took these, so no natural light- which means my camera had a cow. LOL!

Still putting my craft cabinet all together. LOVE it. Pictures to come this week. :)


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