Monday, July 6, 2009

Paperwork, Bookmarks and Trains

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a fabulous weekend visiting with lots of family and friends! I even got a lot of planning done for the upcoming craft show in November (can you tell I'm trying to be way ahead on this one? ;0)). My idea/inspiration journal is much more full now that it is all drawn in and full of inspiration pictures and ideas! I've been looking through it each night to keep it all fresh in my mind- and adding bits of info or ideas.

I cut paper all afternoon yesterday and still have lots more to cut. It's quite a workout :) These piles of paper will become the recycled journal/notebooks. I'm so excited about these, they are SO fun-- full of fun scrapbooking paper, blank pages, lined pages, and graph pages, but also full of old (well-read and loved) magazines such as Real Simple, BluePrint, scrapbooking magazines, travel magazines, paper promo books and much more.
I also tried making one of those fabulous fabric bookmarks like GreenBee's. I was happy with it and will keep trying to perfect it- my sewing machine was not exactly cooperating (maybe it was more operator-error, lol).

Fun picture of the day: My son LOVES to line up his "beeps" (that's what he calls cars), "weee-oohs" (firetrucks, police cars, etc) and "choo choos" (trains) in long lines like a train and then say that they are all "fends" (friends). It melts my heart. I love that precious little boy. What a blessing he is.
Have a FABULOUS Monday!

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  1. I showed Drew the picture of Jimmy's 'beeps' and he kept shouting 'coo coo crane' (choo choo train... in case you don't know drew language... ha) I LOVE the bookmarks.