Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ok all you fabulous fabric gurus out there-- what is the name of this fabric? I have absolutely no idea and I need to order some for a project! I received a random assortment of fabrics from an order I placed on etsy several months ago, and thus, don't know the name of it. I've tried looking for it on etsy but with no luck (I searched "pink fabric" and it came up with 790 pages. I got to about page 15.)-- so, if you are the first to respond in the comments section of this post with the correct answer, I'll send you a cute little fabric scrap pack - about 10 random pieces from my stash. Thanks!
Messy Karen's Joel Dewberry for Westminster. it comes in other colors and i love it! Thank you Karen!! Please email me your shipping info and I will send you a fun fabric stash - :)
+ Julia- I use an EK Success Paper Shaper 1.5" Circle punch - I have been very happy with all of my EK Success punches! :) Thank you for your kind words! :)

I've been punching a ton of these fun paper rounds lately. It's nice to be able to use up those little I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-these-paper-scraps in my scrap bin instead of just chucking them into the recycle basket. It's also quite therapeutic to watch t.v. in the evenings and punch rounds out- relaxing, yet being productive :)
So what can you do with these paper rounds? Make a garland, decorate a card, a scrapbook layout, add to mini albums as embellishments or tiny journaling spaces, or include a few in outgoing orders to your customers. I always include several of these to my customers :) Any other ideas or projects you can use (or have used) these rounds for?

Be on the lookout either tomorrow or early next week for another fabulous giveaway.
Have a great day!


  1. Do you have some special tool to cut those paper rounds? They look very uniform/neat.
    I've just discovered your site and am loving it - you have some great ideas that will make super projects.
    Thank you for sharing them.

  2. it's Joel Dewberry for Westminster. it comes in other colors and i love it!

  3. I'm glad you found out what the fabric was! If you did a couple different sized rounds you could distress (rough up ) the edges and layer them into flowers! You could use them for a funky collage too!

  4. I love this idea. I'm going to have to go get myself a round punch and get to work! I think I will make a garland b/c I've always thought those were so cool =)

  5. You can make some paper fortune cookies and give them away at parties!!!