Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Fun: A Welcome Home Present

Happy Friday!! My hubby is making his way back up to the US from being in Mexico on a mission trip for the week. He is getting ready to fly out of San Antonio, TX in a couple hours. YAY! I am absolutely giddy about him coming home and am counting down the hours... less than 8 hours :)
While he's been away, I was trying to think of something that I could make him as a "Welcome Home" present :) I wanted to make something that we could both enjoy and also something that we could work on together. As you know, I love books... mini albums... journals, anything that has paper in it. I had two packs of fabulous paper from here that I've been dying to use, but didn't want to "ruin" them (do you ever feel like that about paper or other supplies? You don't want to use them because you're afraid it will not turn out how you had hoped and then you feel like you've "ruined" the paper or your supplies?) lol :) So I've been staring at these beautiful packs of paper and just waiting for the right project to come up. And this was it! I decided to cut down some of the papers from those packs as well as some other new and vintage papers into 5"x5" squares and create a journal.

I have no idea how many sheets are in the journal, but my idea is to have this little book by our bedside and to write something in it together each evening. Maybe things like "What was your favorite part of the day?" or a favorite bible verse we've been studying, or a "A fun quirk or inside joke between us"... things along those lines. My idea is to have it be a quick, but thoughtful time together and thus record fun little happenings or sayings- also, the idea is that our thoughts and writings will be about seeing God's blessings that happen every day amidst a crazy, sometimes hard and very busy season in our life.

I decided to have it spiral bound instead of using jump rings. This way, it will be able to open and close and lay flat easily, and I won't be tempted to open the jump rings and start adding stuff. It gives me good parameters to stay within - to have it be solely for writing things in
. I plan on adding a journaling tag to the front cover as well as a few large labels inside on the pages that have dark prints so that they are still able to be written on.

I am so super excited to give it to him and can't wait to write in it with him when he gets home tonight :)

What about you? Any fun ideas or projects in the works?

Have a fabulous weekend :)


  1. Welcome home to your hubby and may you both have the time to enjoy. Your book will be a lifetime memento.

  2. What a lovely idea! And your book looks great. Enjoy recording those memories.