Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Faves

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! My hubby got home safe and sound late Friday night - Yay! He absolutely LOVED the welcome home present and I am happy to report that we are having so much fun writing in it each night (ok so it's only been 3 nights, but it really is so fun!). He'll write something first and then I write something and then we talk and laugh about what each other wrote. I love seeing the cute little book sitting there on my nightstand, ready to be written in :) We had a fun family weekend playing outside in the gorgeous weather, reading books, cooking and playing cars- my sweet son is so glad his daddy is home. :)

So, speaking of mini books, I love to search on etsy every now and then for books,
mini albums, journals, and art journals - they come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Here are a few I found that I absolutely adored. Enjoy!
1. Doily Mini Book Kit by everyjotandtittle
2. Escape Art Journal by evalicious
3. Mini Accordion Books by littleputbooks
4. Mini Handbound Journal, Joy Forever by peaseblossomstudio
5. 3 x 4 Doodler Crown Binder, Jotter by CrownBindery
6. Butterfly Garden Mini Notebook Set by hangtightstudio88
7. Mini Book and Letter Hybrid by MiniatureRhino
8. Stitched Accordion Travel Sketchbook by relove


  1. Awesome! I have the accordion on my to do list. These are adorable. Thanks for sharing...

  2. Sounds so lovely writing in the book together! I made a 'love journal' for my boyfriend which was inspired by your tutorial last week with the distressed cardboard effect. I will be posting photos on my blog this week with a link to your post as my inspiration so look out for that :) Thanks again for sharing.

  3. Great news of spending quality time together. I like your etsy searches. Thank you for sharing.