Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Faves

Hello, Monday! :) My littlest sis was in town all weekend looking for an apartment - she just got a job in the Research Triangle Park and is moving down here next month after she graduates college!! YAY!!! :) We went strawberry picking, (the bestest, ripest, juiciest strawberries, going to make jam and strawberry lemonade concentrate today!), picnic-ed, ate lots, shopped (mostly for groceries ;)), cooked, and had a great time hanging out :)

What about you?
Any fun happenings this weekend? Any new creative endeavors? :)

Some fun faves today- a random assortment with a theme of green, aqua and blue :) Enjoy! :)

1. Set of 3 Hanging Bowls by vesselsandwares
2. Pretty Tin by art4friends
3. Don't Quote Me - Vintage Inspired Notebook by relove
4. Vase Wood Wall Hook Shelf by OldNewAgain
5. Linen Clothespin Bag by CityChicCountryMouse
6. I Love You Hoop by aewilder
7. Lemon Poppy Carved Shell Necklace by littlebrownbird
8. Summer Wish Bracelet by Kosmika
9. Sweet Leaves - Green Damask Fabric Branches by janejoss
10. Button Bling Hair Pins by littlebrownbird
11. Miniature Folders by donovanbeeson
12. Turquoise White and Gray Moonstone Ring Set by littlebugjewelry
13. Rag Ball Trio by AlicesLookingGlass


  1. i love tins so much! Ive just bought lots of tea tins from some crazy chinese site i found! They were all about $2.50, if i find the link il send it to you!

  2. pretty!!!! i look forward to this feeature! have a great week! :-)

  3. These are all fun picks! I love that "summer wish bracelet".

  4. Very fun and happy post. Thank you for sharing.

  5. How fun that you will be close to your sister!