Tuesday, January 10, 2012

paper goodness: etsy sources

I am always on the lookout on etsy for paper packs or other mini album paper related goodness. If you search through my favorites, you can find several that I have found and am currently swooning over ;) 

Most of my paper that I acquire is from antique stores, craft stores, consignment shops and even the occasional yard sale. However, I have also purchased a few packs on etsy here and there and today I am sharing a few of my faves. 

1. saturdayAMvintage - Scrap Pack New and Vintage Papers. I LOVE her paper packs. Each 5.5" x 7.25" pack is a great combo of new and vintage papers and each piece is in perfect condition. Lovely little snippets of old ads, office type papers, maps, vintage sheet music and more. I love these packs so much that I ordered 2 within a couple weeks of eachother ;)
2. jamaicamakes - duly noted. uncut. Amazing pack of pages from her fabulous collection of journals, notebooks and notepads. Some new pages, some vintage. All with tons of character and perfect to use in making a mini album. I used a lot of papers from this pack in this little journal I made for my hubby awhile back. These packs aren't always in stock, so I check her shop every now and then in hopes of grabbing one :) (Image below is from her etsy shop, jamaicamakes)
3. iloveitall: Pocket Mini Book: DIY Album Kit. I was wanting this super cute kit for Christmas, and my hubby got it for me :) It is a sweet kit with a ton of gorgeous papers - from solid cardstocks to patterned scrapbooking paper to some found office-y type papers. Also included are some cute embellishments and a binder ring to put it all together. I'm still trying to decide what I want to use it for :)
4. janicewallace - paper pack - A cute and very inexpensive grab bag of mostly found and vintage papers. Also got this pack for Christmas :)
So there you have it. A few sources of where I find some of my goodies that I use in my journals, mini albums, paper-related projects, etc.

I also sell unique (and fabulous ;)) large packs of new and vintage papers in my shop. These packs contain over 50 pieces of paper goodness and are packaged in a 9" x 11" clear resealable cello bag. They are chocked full of new papers like scrapbooking papers, calendar and notes pages, graph paper, as well as vintage papers including maps, advertisements, sheet music, flash cards, playing cards, papers from ledgers, school books, books and children's books. And if you're looking for a smaller pack, I have some 6.5" x 9.5" packs available here.


  1. These are all great resources...your shop is, of course, always inspiring. Can I have 2 of each?

    Thanks so much for including a link to my shop, I appreciate you and can't wait to see how you use your DIY paper pack!

  2. Thanks for sharing your sources! :-) I love getting random selections of papers, as well as putting them together myself. Paper is a wonderful thing!