Monday, September 3, 2012

hello, september.

Happy September! And Happy Labor Day to those in the U.S. :) Autumn is almost here. And so are Autumn journals :) So excited about these - lots of different pages, including October Afternoon, Bazzill cardstock, a Hambly transparency, vellum, envelopes (including a cute little translucent glassine envelope), a swatch of twill, and two autumn-ey fabric swatches sewn together, and many more :)

Have you ever kept a journal for a season? I love keeping journals for different parts of the year - am planning to keep one for this Autumn season again. For last year's, I would take a little bit of time on the weekends to update the journal and add different events - print pictures and then put them in with journaling. Doing a little bit at a time kept it low-maintenance and stress free :) Go here to see last year's Autumn journal.
I'm finishing them up and will be listing them in my shop in the next day or two (I will post an update on my facebook page).

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