Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Tutorial: Fall Leaves Hanging

Looking for a simple and creative way to decorate for fall? Try making a fall leaf hanging by cutting leaves out of paper or fabric (or both!) and hanging them from a dining room chandelier or from the top of a mirror, or on the front door/storm door - wherever you like! :)
To make Paper Leaves you will need:
- Paper (however many patterns you would like)
- Pencil - to trace patterns onto paper - or save and print the pattern below directly onto the back of 8.5x11 patterned paper
- Scissors - to cut leaves out
- String, embroidery thread or yarn to hang leaves
Pattern - print this and cut out templates or print directly onto patterned paper of choice

Cut out leaves.
Attach string and hang where desired.

To make Fabric Leaves you will need:
- Fabric (however many patterns you would like)
- Pins - to hold patterns in place
- Fabric pen - to trace leaves onto fabric
- Scissors - to cut leaves out
- String, embroidery thread or yarn to hang leaves
** UPDATE 10/21/09 - I would suggest ironing fusing to the back of the fabric leaves and maybe even adding fabric to the back (so they would still be two sided) by sewing them together. My fabric leaves came out kind of flimsy, but with fusing added to the back, this would help make them more durable.
Follow directions from above.
Voila! A simple and creative fall decoration!


  1. Oh, how beautiful. This is a great idea. Thank you for sharing!

  2. How fun and simple! Thanks for the idea!

  3. OHHH! I love this idea! Thanks Ashley!

  4. today on my blessings garland blog post at http://rachelinraleigh.com, i linked to your blog to recommend your leaves template for the garland. thank you so much and i look forward to getting to know your blog ;)