Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Fun: Getting Organized

Recently I've decided I need to be better organized and doing a better job of planning ahead with my craft projects, my blog posts, keeping track of what inspiration I'm finding where, why I like it, etc. and life in general. I love to keep ideas and inspiration in my art journal/sketchbook, but I also need a way to be organized with my thoughts about blog posting and such. So, I'm super excited to get into using a planner in conjunction with my art journal/sketchbook :)
I've been looking around online and have found some fabulous resources to get started.

I found this great website - Ahhh-Design where there are all sorts of free downloads for year-long planners, index cards, and weekly snapshot planners. She also posts about her own planners - so much inspiration. Now if only I could make a binder look as fabulous as this :)

I found this sheet over at 74 Lime Lane on planning out blog posts each week. It has spaces for the title, links/resources, how you're going to promote it and a to-do list for each day of the week. Brilliant!
I also decided to purchase this beautiful DIY planner on etsy. It is simply fabulous. The best thing is, you can use it year after year- it is a pdf download so you can print a new one each year and write (or stamp) in the days and dates. LOVE it.
I went to Target last night and purchased a Liberty of London (!!!) 3-ring binder to put all my new DIY planner materials in - Yay! :) I will be putting it together this weekend and will give a peek once I have it all together (and organized ;)) and start using it.

+ What about you? How do you stay organized? Any tips or ideas?
+ If you blog, do you plan your blog posts way in advance? How do you keep track?

+ Please share! :)

Have a fabulous weekend! :)


  1. I wish I were nearly as organized. Somehow I never really manage with a paper-based calender. At the moment I just post blog-posts whenever I have the time. It takes me hours to touch up the photos and write the post, so it's sort of slow going and I just get on it whenever I have a moment. I've got a backlog of projects I want to post about, so I just grab the next project from my pile when I've got a moment.
    These planners looks really great and I've heard others are rather good at planning their whole blog year ahead. Hope it works for you :)


  2. ah wow! I feel so guilty. I really need to organise my craft stash. Badly. Its all over the place!! I was thinking of making an envelope book to store and organise my magazine cut outs and another for fabric scraps. I might go and purchase some more boxes for scraps!!

    I really love the folder at the top!!

  3. I try to be organized but it's hard. I started with post-its but obviously it didn't work. I have a very bad memory and being very busy doesn't help at all so I have a diary where I write everything I have to do, this saves my life. Then I have another diary for the school and there I write what I do everyday with the students and what we have to do the next day. I suppose it would be a good idea to "merge" both. I like the DIY planner you've got, maybe I can adapt for me.
    I never plan my blog posts ahead, maybe I should do that as well...
    Thanks for the links, they're cool!

  4. Ahhh... you are speaking my language. My two loves, organization and crafting. I use a three ring binder system to organize my craft life (a bit, mostly I am just scattered). In the binder is a calendar I print from iCal because it has birthday/anniversary info already plugged in for me. Behind the calendar I have divided into different categories for things like random craft ideas, doll ideas, supply lists, blog post ideas, etc. In the front pocket I throw some blank paper and my current moleskine notebook for doodling. My binder is handy, but not very beautiful. Your organizational finds are gorgeous!

  5. I bought that same planner off Etsy earlier this year! I had an Etsy friend, nightowlcraftworks, bind it for me into a beautiful hard cover planner.

  6. What a great post and thank you for sharing. I could definitely be more organized! Happy organizing...