Monday, May 10, 2010

A Happy Birthday and Monday Faves: Beachy

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fabulous weekend :) Ours was super busy, but great :) My littlest sis' graduation went great! It was great seeing two of my three sisters - my oldest sis had to work and couldn't make it :( - and my parents :) She and her roommates and all of the families put together a great cookout/picnic and the weather was gorgeous. Wow I miss the Shenandoah Valley and the gorgeous weather and mountains! We had a wonderful day yesterday as a family - going to church, naptime, running errands and a yummy dinner out :) My sweet hubby and son gave me wonderful cards (my son's had a voice recording of him saying "I wuv woo mama!!" - Priceless! I was seriously brought to tears when I opened it :)) and a new Canon Powershot camera - Yay! I love, love, LOVE my Canon Digital Rebel, but since it's so large, it's hard to carry around everywhere (read: won't fit in my purse/pocket) and capture everyday moments and outings. Super excited to have this cute little camera just in time for our trip to the beach.
Our Mother's Day Picture - How I love my sweet little family :)
So, today is my sweet son's 3rd Birthday! Yay! Happy Birthday Jimmy! :) I absolutely cannot believe it has been three years since he was born. My, how time flies! We are going to have a little celebration just the three of us today, and then a big family celebration at the beach this week and then a little party with all of his and our friends after we return. I guess you could say it will be an extended birthday celebration :) Fun tidbit of info- we celebrated his 1st birthday while we were at the Outer Banks 2 years ago :)
Monday Faves for today - a beachy theme -- thinking about, getting ready, and packing for the beach! So excited! :) All Jimmy can talk about is the beach and seeing dolphins like Flipper (he loves watching Flipper with his daddy on hulu), and of course his family :)
1. Shabby Cottage Decor - Sailboat Vintage Style by SignsofVintage
2. Nautical Star Wall Decor - White and Slate by monkeyandsquirrel
3. Pier Postcards by flotilla
4. Custom-Made Beach Hut by flotilla
5. Beach Sign by GoJumpInTheLake
6. Petite Beach Cottage Pillows by myadobecottage
7. Custom-Built Wooden Boat by flotilla
8. Robin's Egg Blue Wall Collection by funkiefinds
9. Lost and Found Button Bracelet by dditta
10. Starfish Plaques by TheShabbyChicCottage
11. Rosa- Necklace with Recycled Fabric Flower and Vintage Beads by cardinalhouse


  1. Happy Birthday to you little big guy!

  2. LOVE the sweet family pictures! How darling you all are! And your son is such a handsome little man - happy birthday to him! :)

  3. Aww! Happy Birthday to your son! What fun =)

  4. beautiful beachy stuff!
    and a very happy birthday to jimmy!

  5. He is such a cutiepatootie! Happy Birthday!

  6. great finds! and happy birthday to the little guy! :)

  7. What a great post! Your family pics are precious. So glad you were able to gather together in celebration!