Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DIY: 4 Simple Goals: by Elsie Flannigan

I keep seeing this awesome post floating around in blogland and have been wanting to join in. Elsie Flannigan over at A Beautiful Mess (love her blog!) posted a simple but fabulous challenge- creating 4 Simple Goals to complete by the end of 2010.
So here are my 4 Simple Goals:
1. Create and maintain a "Getting Ready for Baby/Pregnancy Journal" about baby on the way :) I know I already shared that I want to do this one, but this is still very much a goal :)
2. Take more pictures of the everyday.
I was talking to my hubby the other day about this. I want to capture the everyday more - I cannot even remember the everyday and what it was like a year ago, not to mention 2 or 3 years ago! It's crazy how fast mundane details can quickly fade. Looking back through my mini albums of our trips or from last Christmas, it is SO wonderful to see pictures (and journaling) that jog my memory of a particular event or thought.
3. Create a couple months-worth of menu ideas (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). I just completed and shopped for this week's menu - 7 full days of 3 meals for about $50.00. I had been very diligent about menu-making several months ago, but it got away from me while I was so sick with morning sickness. It is SO wonderful to have a plan and to look at the plan each day and get excited about what's for lunch or dinner (instead of saying "Oh no, what are we going to have for dinner?" ;)) I would like to create a couple month's menus and just be able to rotate them around and keep our weekly food budget to $40 or $50 (very hard to stay in that budget - definitely planning on going over here and there when household items are needed or special meals for friends and fellowship) :)
4. Create a mini journal detailing my 4 Simple Goals. I saw this idea over at SaturdayAMVintage (another fabulous blog that just started recently- also what encouraged me to get in on the 4 Simple Goals!). Oh how I love mini journals. You can never create too many. :)

What about you? Have you seen the 4 Simple Goals Challenge? What goals do you have? :)


  1. What a great idea! I'm off to find out more - I think I might need to join in! :)

  2. I LOVE this idea. I've seen it out in blogland too, I need to make my list. =)

  3. I know, isn't this the greatest? My 4 goals are: 1. Take more pictures (I think a lot of people have this one!) 2. Eat healthier. 3. Start making Christmas gifts early this year (not mid-December) 4. Make myself an organizer/planner.

    Thank you for sharing your goals. It's cool to see all the different simple goals out there =)

  4. Could you possibly email me your meal-plans that only cost $50??? haha I never can make it this low even though I always go to the store with a list and a plan. :-/

  5. Would you mind posting your meal plans? I have been wanting to do this for years and could use some inspiration! Thanks!