Wednesday, August 24, 2011

around here.


Around here. We had a mild earthquake yesterday around 1:51pm. 5.8 magnitude, with the epicenter  up in Central Virginia, right where we lived before moving here. Wow. Thankful all are ok.

- I've been rounding up my art journals and getting them all put together on the shelf over my craft table. Love having them at arm's reach to look through from time to time. Great for jogging my memory about a particular event or trip. *Edited to add: The journal rings can be purchased at an office supply store or on amazon here.

- I've been working on my breadmaking. Using the bread machine a lot, but also trying to perfect a "made-by-hand" loaf using Beard on Bread.

- I am about to put some mini-flashcards in the shop - three different sets. Autumn, School and Winter. Will have them listed by the end of this week.

- My sweet Joshua is a little over 6 months old now and cute as can be. Yes, that is a dimple on his right cheek (he has a small one on his left cheek also). Love.

- Jimmy and I put together a paper chain to count down the days till we go to the beach in September. All he can talk about now is taking a link off each day. He then asks if we can take 2 or 3 links off... at the same time. And how that will mean we can go to the beach as soon as we take off all of the links. Love.

- Tons of green peppers coming in in the garden. This one was my largest one yet. Smelled so yummy.

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  1. Where do you get those little silver rings that you bound your journals with?