Friday, August 5, 2011

LINK with Love

Have you heard about LINK with Love? I am loving this movement. It is all about "Linking with Love" - giving credit where credit is due. Sadly, I have seen some of my tutorials completely lifted (pictures and text) with no credit given. I am always happy to share my content and pictures-- just ask, or give a link back :)

From the LINK with Love website: "It is our goal to inspire positive change in the way art, photography, design, words, music, film and ideas are shared on the internet. We believe that intellectual property needs to be handled with love and respect. We believe in the goodness of people. We believe in the power of the internet. We believe that Maya Angelou was absolutely right when she said "when you know better you do better."

We need your help. We need your support. Learn more. Spread the word. Post our badge on your sites to show that you LINK with love."


  1. Thank you for sharing this site. It's such a difficult situation for artists who want to share their work but also want to protect themselves.

  2. maybe you can link the picture back to the website? that way it can reach a oad more people...

    {working on the paypal-thing soon, btw... sorry about the delay....}

  3. Thank you for charging...just added the button to my blog!

  4. We have linked your blog on our blog.

  5. I have seen my pictures taken too! It really bothers me if the pictures include my children. I totally give credit as much as I can on my own blog and always link back even if it's just a stock photo I find on Google. Thanks for the reminder of internet respect. It's so easily lost these days!