Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY :: Frame and Twine Inspiration Board

I am all about creating new ways of displaying ideas and inspiration in my work area. I've had this beautiful old picture for a couple years now - I found it at a local thrift store awhile back and finally decided to use it for this project - a Frame and Twine Inspiration Board. 

I like the large picture frame (16"x20") for this concept of an inspiration board, but you could easily use a smaller frame. 

All you need for this project is:
+ an old wood picture frame (the larger, the better)
+ hammer and nails
+ twine (I used hemp jewelry-making twine)
+ scissors
+ miniature clothespins (available at most craft stores)
I took the frame apart, took the pins out that were holding the glass in and went to work putting in new nails to hold the twine.
I measured off and marked every 2 inches all the way around the inside of the frame.
I nailed in a nail everywhere that I had marked - be careful not to drive the nail through the frame to the front (I may or may not have done this. Twice.). This part was the most frustrating and took the longest (probably because I'm not that good at using a nail and hammer). I then tied small knots in the twine and wrapped the knot onto the nail and tightened it. I cut the twine after measuring each length across the frame (and added some length to account for the knot that was to be tied). I pulled the twine as taught as it would go when tying them onto the nails, but was happy with the fact that in the end, they weren't completely taught.
I completed the horizontal rows first and then wove each of the vertical rows in and out of the already-tied-on rows (does that makes sense?!).
After finishing tying them all on, I trimmed off the excess and voila! A fun Inspiration Board! I used some miniature clothespins and clipped on some fun bits and pieces of inspiration. 
It fit perfectly right above my desk, near my dry erase picture frame and my bulletin board. Love it.


  1. Awesome idea......and I happen to have all of the ingredients for this I have been wanting a board like this forever.....I think forever is NOW :P

  2. thanks. looks like just what i need.

  3. I made one this morning just like yours, except I hot glued the twine, then once all the strings were nice and taunt, I glued a line of twine all the way around on the inside of the frame to make extra sure strings won't pop on me. Thanks for your tutorial, I love mine!! I'll be writing about it soon on my blog, so I'll be linking back to this post.