Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY :: Fabric Scrap Wrapped Frame

I have a bunch of old frames that I've received and found over time. Several of them were just the frame, missing the glass and backing. I knew I could use them for something and am glad to have come up with this idea, thanks to inspiration from this pin. These frames were super easy to make, and took less than 20 minutes start to finish - a perfect "while the babies are napping" project :)
+ old frame - glass and backing removed (I used 4"x6" and 5"x7" frames)
+ fabric scraps in long strips (the longer, the better) - I used 1/2" wide scraps from some fat quarters and a vintage sheet - I tore mine from the fat quarters and sheet - cut a 1/2" slit at one end and then tear - it leaves a great shabby chic edge on your fabric :)
+ 2 pieces of ribbon (1 piece long enough to stretch from one side of the frame to the other- this will be where you clip a picture to, and 1 piece long enough to use for hanging the frame)
+ hot glue gun and gluesticks
+ mini clothespins
Begin by gluing the ribbon to the back of the frame lip, about 1.5" from the top lip. Be sure to pull it and glue it taught. 
Next, put some hot glue in the corner and glue down the wrong side of the fabric (so the right side is showing as you wrap it around the frame).
Begin wrapping the fabric strip around the frame, pulling very taught. Wrap it overlapping each edge so that none of the frame is visible (the corners are kind of tricky, just be patient and keep adjusting as needed - you can also add dabs of hot glue in inconspicuous spots as needed).
If you run out of fabric before you are finished wrapping, hot glue the edge (on the back), cut off any excess and start over with the same fabric.
Continue with the fabric until you would like to switch fabrics (or use one fabric for the whole frame). I used a different fabric for each side of the frame.
Start the new fabric the way you started the first fabric. Be sure to overlap the previous fabric so no part of the frame is visible.
When you come to the part where the ribbon is glued, wrap the fabric right up next to one side and then over and next to the other side to cover up the frame.
Continue until you have wrapped the entire frame.
To hang the frame, hot glue an additional piece of ribbon to the top (on the back of the frame). You could also tie the ribbon to the frame before wrapping the fabric and use the same technique to cover the edges as mentioned above. 
Using the mini clothespins, attach a picture or handwritten thought, quote or Scripture and hang up :) Voila! A super cute scrap fabric covered frame. Great for using up the not-so-nice-looking old frames you have in the basement or attic :) These would also make great gifts :)


  1. what a wonderful gift idea AND i love that the focal point is changeable! WOW, thank you much for sharing all of the creative that you do!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. so cute... god knows I hv tons of frames and fabrics.. great idea.. love it... love how u inspire every day!

  3. These are adorable!! I now know what I am going to do with vintage fabric that I had to have a while back.

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  5. cute frames......good idea for easy! thank you for sharing. ksh