Thursday, January 26, 2012

DIY :: Valentine Garland

So I had no intention of this week becoming "DIY Valentine Goodies Week" - but it is kind of shaping up to be :) I love Valentine's Day. I know, I know, it's way commercialized and can be kind of cheesy, but I guess it's fun to have cheesy-ness every once in awhile ;) And of course what's more fun is that it's great to celebrate a significant other and the family and friends you love :)

It's good to plan ahead if you are going to make decorations and such, right? So you aren't making decorations and gift goodies at the very.last.minute. :) I promise it will not be Valentine-y around here for the next 2.5 weeks :)

Like this garland I made for Christmas, this Valentine garland is fun and simple to make. All you need are hearts and circles punched (or handcut!) from Valentine-y papers (I used light pink, dark pink, red, white, kraft, and vintage dictionary pages (To get the multiple hearts punched on the circle punches, I used this punch first and then punched the 1.5" circle).
I then fed them through my sewing machine in no particular order. I stacked three paper rounds on top of each other every now and then to create a 3-D effect (like in the Holiday Garland). 
The garland is about 10' long and took about 20 minutes start to finish, including punching all of the shapes. A cute and quick Valentine's Day decoration :)

Want a Valentine's Day garland but would rather purchase one? Go here to see one like this in my shop :)



  2. I love all of your recent Valentine ideas! Wish I had a sewing machine!

  3. Super cute! I can't believe how quickly you put it together!

  4. So pretty! in love with the cut-out hearts in the circles :)