Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DIY :: Mini Album from One Sheet of Paper

Yesterday, I shared my latest mini album, and how it is made from a single sheet of 12"x12" scrapbooking paper (cardstock). So for today - a step-by-step of how to make your own :) I'm thinking these would be great gifts. Simple to make (all you really need is a sheet of 12"x12" paper, scissors, a ruler, and adhesive), but very thoughtful and personal :) Fill them with pictures, notes, journaling, or Scripture. Voila! A cute and meaningful gift :)
+ 1 sheet of 12"x12" double sided cardstock
+ adhesive (I use Tombow permanent rolling adhesive)
+ ruler and pencil to mark measurements
+ scissors, paper cutter, or a cutting mat and rotary blade

Begin by cutting a 4 inch strip off of one side of your cardstock. You won't need this 4 inch strip, so save it for something else :)
Turn the sheet so it is 12 inches long and 8 inches tall. Measure 3 inches in from one of the short sides, and 4 inches down from the top (I used that heart strip below as a guide as I was measuring my 3 inches in from the side). See below measurement guide.
Next, cut a straight line from the right side, up to that mark you just made. See pictures below.
This is what your sheet should now look like (I put something under the top piece to show how it is cut ;)).
Fold the wrong sides together (that you don't want visible on the inside pages). 
Open it back up so you are looking at the wrong sides (this side will actually be your cover and back cover). Fold one side in half (6 inches), see below.
Now do the same with the top flap.
Open the flaps back up and fold those flaps in half (3 inches).
 Now fold the other side (the left side below) in half 3 inches.
You should now have 4 equal sections (each 3 inches wide and 4 inches tall).
Stand the paper up so it looks like this.
Fold the top section per the picture below.
 It should look like this.
Now do the same with the bottom section.
 We're almost finished. This is what it should look like.
Now, glue the "pages" together. Glue the two sides that are shown with the black arrows together, the two sides with the white arrows together, and then the extra flaps shown with the brown arrow together. You'll now have 5 pages, including the page that will be the cover and the page that will be the back cover.
 It should look like this.
At this point, you can glue a cover sheet (approximately 4"x6.25" sheet of paper) to cover up the spine. I decided to just use washi tape. Then, fill with photos, journaling, quotes or Scripture :) Voila! A cute little mini album that's quick to make :)


  1. Thank you so much.It is beautiful.Can't wait to make one.Joanne

  2. Cute... and your step-by-steps make it look easy enough to accomplish. Thank you.

  3. AWESOME...thank you so much!!! blest be :)

  4. This is so great, can't wait to give it a try.

  5. These albums are so cute...so amazing that they are made from a single sheet of paper. Thanks you for the detailed instructions; I will give it a try!

  6. Thanks for sharing! This size is perfect for Instax cards! I love it!

  7. wOh I LOVE your album! Thank you so much for sharing, I must try this one^^

  8. so clever! and i am digging your choice of papers & tape. ;)

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  11. What a gorgeous tutorial. I loved it so much I blogged about it with a link back to your blog.