Tuesday, June 5, 2012

card a day: update

If you have been on my facebook page at all, I've been updating my card a day there each afternoon/evening.  A quick update here though, if you aren't on FB :) I am loving this little project. The card I created yesterday (June 4) read: "So I am loving this card a day challenge. A quick 10 minute challenge to create this little card everyday. A new clean slate each day. A blank canvas. I have so many ideas pop up in my head but have promised myself not to write any of them down. I like the spontaneity of making it up each day. May have to do this for longer than 30 days." And I may do just that. Seriously, a 10 minute commitment each day to create a cute little 3"x4" card is so fun to me.
How about you? Are you doing a card a day? How's it going? Check out the flickr group here also - lots of gorgeous cards popping up! :)


  1. love your card a day idea. it's a great way for me to have at least one quick burst of creativity each day. I'm going to try to post the output to my blog each day! (www.sasifricious.blogspot.com)

    Thanks for the great idea!

  2. I love this and keeping up with the cards. It's really neat how diferent they are. Great idea!