Friday, July 13, 2012

DIY :: Lovely Washi Tape Notebook

I bought this composition notebook for $.50 the other day while school supply shopping for my sweet son, who is now a kindergartner (I used to love getting a blank marble composition book when I was little-- so many pages to fill up with writing and drawing :)). I wanted to dress it up some and decided to use washi tape - I was inspired by Danni over at Oh Hello Friend and her cute little notebook she created :)

So during this project I learned a couple things: 1. I love washi tape (although I think I already knew this ;)). 2. I have way too much washi tape. 3. There really is so much you can do with washi tape :) 
I started with a blank composition notebook, two sheets of white cardstock, adhesive, and washi tape. I also decided to cover the spine at the end with blank newsprint paper.
I traced the cover onto one of the white sheets of cardstock and then started adhering the washi tape.
I then trimmed all of the sides.
I used permanent adhesive all over the front of the notebook, and then adhered the trimmed cover. I repeated the above steps with the back cover as well.
I had planned on leaving the spine as the original black tape on the notebook, but decided to add newsprint at the end. *Had I decided this before adhering the covers, I would have put the spine paper on first.
Basically, I just used more permanent adhesive and adhered the newsprint after measuring and cutting the paper to size.
Voilà! A cute and quick way to dress up any sort of notebook! :)
In order to keep it more durable (which I know that right now, it is not that durable), I may apply a couple layers of ModPodge.
I've had questions and emails on other blog posts about where I get my washi tape. I have purchased most of mine from these shops:
Freckled Fawn -
PrettyTape -
InTheClear -
ItsAlwaysFabulous -
KawaiiGoodies - (I've never purchased from them, but their assortment is fabulous)


  1. This is a really cool idea, i've recently discovered washi-tape (I'm late to the part I know) so coming across creative ways to use it is a real treat.

  2. I've been thinking of ways to make a cover for my new sketch journal and I think this would be a good option. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I haven't used Mod Podge on my comp books. I usually cover them with clear Contact paper. It works wonderfully well, saving wear and tear on my book as I drag it around with me.

  4. So cute! I love note books and washi tape. Cute way to combine the two.

  5. Love this!!!! Making a personalized one for a birthday present!!! thank you!