Monday, October 26, 2015

DIY Fall Felt Garland

I saw this idea on Elise's Instagram a long time ago.... like, at Christmas ;) She made a super cute Christmas garland out of felt and twine. Felt and twine. That's it. SO incredibly easy (and cheap!). I decided to make one out of Autumn colors (and yes, I have Christmas colors to make a Christmas one as well).

Basically, I bought a 1/4 yard of 6 different fall-looking colors of felt. I cut them into 1" strips (so, 1"x 9" each) and then tied them on jute twine. Just a simple tie, not knotted or anything. At first (like Elise said), it didn't look like much and I was honestly thinking "Oh my goodness, this looks horrible". But it really did come together and I love it! I made an 8-foot garland and had enough felt strips left to make another 5ish-foot garland. 
I love how it looks sitting on my buffet behind some other Autumn decorations :)
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