Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Faves!

Happy Monday! So, considering my borderline obsessive-ness with everything needing to be on a grid and wanting Five Faves to look a little more streamline and cohesive, I made the decision to do Four Faves (It's almost impossible to put 5 items on a grid and make it look halfway decent. Believe me, I tried). And Four Faves just doesn't sound right. So, how about Monday Faves?
1. Sweet and Shabby Collection - 50 Buttons from loveisfabulous.
2. Destash Scrap Pack - 50 4x6 Papers from loveisfabulous.
3. 2 in. Found Map Squares by gleancreatereuse.
4. Brown Kraft Bags 5 x 7.5 from PaperSupply.

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