Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One Little Word 2014: Choose

Happy New Year! Happy 2014! 

My word for 2013 was make. And man, was it a good word for me. I am a creative person. I like to create. I like to make. I easily carried it through the entire year of 2013. Not only was I making tangible things, but I was also making the best (and sometimes not) of situations I was experiencing - mostly dealing with postpartum depression that followed me into the year from 2012.

This year my word is choose. This word easily came to my mind when I started thinking about this new year. This word can encompass so much to me, personally. I have so many things I am thinking about surrounding this word.

I can choose how to handle situations, both good and bad. How am I going to react?
I can choose how I want to spend my (very little) free time.  Sitting around doing nothing? Or having a quiet time. Or working on making and planning my blog and shop. Or folding that extra load of laundry ;)
I can choose to make a plan. To plan ahead with things like grocery/meal planning. To plan out blog/shop stuff.
I can choose to have joy. I can also choose to not. My prayer is that I would choose the former. That I would strive to seek Christ in my daily life. Because really that's what is the most important. That is what will bring the joy, through all circumstances.
Here are my words and thought processes from 2013 (and here and here), and from 2012. I'm so incredibly excited for this year and what it holds. 

What about you? Do you have a word? Go here to see more what it's all about on Ali Edward's blog.
As always, thank you for reading here. Thank you for the support!

And P.S. My shop is now open again :) I am currently working on several new products, including new Mini MiniBooks (and an option for custom ones!!), and Valentine's items, which will be in there soon.


  1. Choose is a great word. So many possibilities. Are you taking Ali's class? I wish I was able to. I still chose a word though. Mine is Free. =]

    1. And YAY for your shop being open! I was thinking about getting an mini album for my one little word.

  2. My word is "open". Can't wait to see where it takes me this year =)

  3. Choose is good word. Let’s make if 2014 count.

  4. I loved reading this! Choose is a fantastic word. I haven't come up with my word yet. This is a good one!


  5. My word is FOCUS. The creative mind is wonderful - when you can focus on one of the many things swirling around in the brain. I have multiple projects I want to finish and new ones I want to undertake. so I need to FOCUS on each one separately. Creative Blessings!

  6. That collage is so pretty. I guess my word for this year is Create. I hope to create more meaningful stuff this year! Here's to a kinder and brighter year ahead for all of us!