Monday, July 13, 2009

On the Craft Table

Happy Monday! I've been working on Quilted List Takers for the Craft Show lately. This one was made from one of those sample fabric packs I found on etsy here, and from linen napkins I found at the dollar store- 2 for $1!!
For some reason this particular one took what seemed like forever (they usually only take an hour, this one took all morning- I had to keep getting up and walking away from it - due in part to frustration and part to my 2 year old ;)). Definitely didn't measure the lining fabric twice. Definitely had to piece in an extra piece of the linen after I cut it 1.5" too short. Won't make that mistake again. ;) It turned out great, though, after all that...thankfully :)

Want to make your own Quilted List Takers? You can purchase a downloadable/printable PDF tutorial here in JCasa's etsy shop.


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