Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Tutorial

Good morning! I found another fabulous tutorial by GreenBee for business card holders-- you can find a downloadable PDF on her blog here. I tried making one and it turned out ok for my first one. My sewing and seams are nothing to write home about, and I'll definitely have to slow down and take more time with it when I make another one. My 2 year old wanted to "help" and at one point was under my feet and pushed down on the sewing pedal - full speed. LOL. Nonetheless, I am excited to have a cute holder for my new business cards to keep in my purse!
Ok so I just had to try again and this one came out a lot better. :)


  1. That is really cute. You could tweak it to be all kinds of things.

  2. I really like this, the tutorial is great also. I think I would use a piece of hard plastic or metal cut to size instead of flannel or interfacing in order to keep my cards from being crushed at the bottom of my purse.

    Yoshi (libertunity from Swapbot)