Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Faves

Hello, Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend :) We had a lovely weekend - Saturday we went to a local "Family Safety Day" - all of the area fire trucks, a few police cars and two helicopters were there and kids of all ages got to enjoy seeing the rescue vehicles up close :) We had a blast, Jimmy was absolutely beside himself getting to see all of the "fire wee-ooos" (firetrucks). My sweet in-laws graciously offered to meet us half way to their house and keep Jimmy for the night Saturday night, so my hubby and I got to go out and see a movie (!!) and have some amazing Greek food in Raleigh (!!) and stay out late (!!!). :) Jimmy of course loved getting to spend the night with his "mimi and dah-dow" :)

So some fun faves for today :) It looks like there's a theme, but I don't know what to call it :) Any ideas? :) Enjoy!
1. Pink Floral Teacup by mollyhatch
2. Quiet Heirlooms by kristinenoel
3. Little Brass Flower Stack Ring Trio by jorgensenstudio
4. Delicate in Mint. Necklace by themustardseedco
5. and the winner is lovely charm button by ohhellofriend
6. Zinfandel by eclu
7. Vintage Wire Hanging Basket by AMradio
8. Doily Coasters by uncommon
9. Bobbin of Strong Paper Yarn from PaperPhine
10. Florapalooza by redhotpottery


  1. Beautiful! The first blog I've read this Monday morning and I've enjoyed looking at all the beautiful things - so inspiring. What a great way to start the week. Thanks!

  2. I would call it 'Pretty'. haha. Loved them all!

  3. Beautiful picks. Adding them to my etsy favorites :)

  4. Lovely! What if you call it "Lovely Vintage (Inspired)" Since some items are vintage, and some look vintage inspired. =)

  5. Wonderful! That ring in #3 really caught my eye.

  6. beautiful beautiful beautiful!
    i now own #5, the button from ohhellofriend! it's amazing and her packaging is sooo detailed! great picks :)