Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Fun: Current Favorites

Happy Friday! I saw this post over at Ali Edwards' blog a couple weeks ago and have been wanting to do my own. What a fun idea!
COLOR: Brown Kraft. As in cardboard boxes, wrapping paper paper and these journaling cards.

FONT: Eurostile

PATTERN: Crosshatch as in this Green Crosshatch Front Porch Paper by Jenni Bowlin.
SHAPE: This die cut shape (and ones similar) I see all over the www (not sure if it has a name? any ideas? I LOVE this shape).
LETTER: J as in the first letter of my sweet son's name (and my hubby's formal name) :)

NUMBER: 7. The number 7 is just always my favorite number. :)

WORD: Time. As in taking time. Taking time to enjoy each moment of everyday. Taking time to work hard and do things as best as possible. Taking time to have quiet during a busy season in our life.
And one more I wanted to add :) STYLE: Vintage and Vintage Inspired. As in these super cute vintage inspired journaling cards by October Afternoon.

+ What about you? What are your current faves? :)

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. What a fun idea! These are my current favourites:

    Color: My favourite is green but right now I'm in a fucsia and orange spree.
    Font: Olivia01 (
    Pattern: Anything that is round and/or looks roundish.
    Shape: Circle
    Letter: A or B
    Number: 5
    Word: tomorrow (I like thinking about the future).
    Style: eclectic, as long as it's pretty.

    PS: Classes are over and I've finally found some time to work on those scraps. Will be sending you pics soon! :)

  2. Neat! My favorites:
    Color: Turquoise & lime green
    Font: Traveling Typewriter (
    Pattern: Damask
    Shape: Diamond
    Letter: C
    Number: 3
    Word: Organize
    Style: modern

  3. My current favorites:
    Color: Camel
    Font: Eras
    Pattern: Plaid
    Shape: Diamond
    Letter: K
    Number: 4
    Word: Summer!!
    Style: Cottage

    I love this post! Don't you love how ali edwards always has amazing ideas and inspiration!? :)