Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DIY :: Ribbon Can Pencil Holder

Kind of like this tutorial and this tutorial, I wanted to make a shorter pencil holder.... and what better to use than a can from canned vegetables?! I've seen so many fabulous ideas upcycling cans across the www and wanted to make my own :)

+ Can from a canned good (mine was a 14.5 oz. can of mixed vegetables :)) - label peeled off and washed thoroughly inside and out
+ Strong permanent adhesive (I used a combination of permanent glue dots and permanent rolling adhesive)
+ Scissors
+ Ribbon scraps that are long enough to wrap around the can once
+ Tape measure (optional)
Start by measuring around the can with the tape measure (or you can just wrap ribbon around the can to see how long it needs to be) and cut all of your ribbons to the same size.
First, I arranged my ribbon on the can to kind of get a visual of how the colors and patterns would work together, and then set them in that order on the table.

Begin by putting glue dots around the bottom ring of the can, or roll permanent adhesive along the ribbon. Attach the ribbon carefully, making sure that it is straight all the way around. I also started at the "back" of the can where the glue from the can label was- so the seams are in the same place. Make sure the ribbon is flush with the bottom of the can so you can't see any of the can.
Keep attaching ribbon.
Finish by making sure the last ribbon is flush with the top of the can. VoilĂ ! A fun pencil holder recycling a can and ribbon scraps. Yay!


  1. SO CUTE! And what a great way to use up ribbon scraps!

  2. this is so great! i love this idea =)

  3. very pretty! and i have those ribbons! LOL
    tfs :-)

  4. So cute! The ribbons work so well together.